Email RFQs

What is it?

Not all RFQs come from an online listing service or marketplace. When you have RFQs in your personal or shared sales email inbox, this mechanism provides a way to get them into Rotabull.



This is one of 2 ways to create email and phone RFQs to Rotabull. You can also enter an RFQ manually .

How it works

RFQ emails should be sent or forwarded to your account's Inbound email address. This is an email mailbox specific to your Rotabull account, which process any emails it receives and loads them as RFQs into your Deals inbox.

To find your Inbound email, go to Email Settings. The Inbound email will look something like: [email protected].


Inbound email found on the Email Settings page

Types of emails Rotabull will not load

The automated inbox makes a "best effort" to load email RFQs into the inbox, based on the text / html body of the email, but does not load several types of emails due to technical limitations:

  • Email attachments are not loaded, for security reasons; Instead, please include the RFQ information in the body of the email
  • Emails with contact or part request information in images may not be loaded correctly
  • Emails forwarded more than once may not be loaded correctly
  • Emails that are not clearly an RFQ (i.e., include buyer contact information and specific request for a part number / condition code / quantity) may not be loaded correctly
  • Any RFQ emails that originate from a supported marketplace will not be added as an RFQ. Marketplace RFQs are added to Rotabull through Marketplace Integrations (see here for more information).

In these cases, you can add an RFQ to Rotabull manually using "Add an RFQ".

RFQs may take several minutes to appear in the Deals inbox after being sent to your Inbound email.

Direct RFQ Email Status

You can view information on emails received and processed by Rotabull in the Direct RFQ Email Status panel. To access the panel, click "Direct RFQ Emails" in the bottom left of the Deals section:

The Direct RFQ Email Status panel will display information on emails received within the last 30 days.

At the top of the panel, you'll see the number of emails currently in each category:

  • Processing: Rotabull evaluates emails to determine if they are RFQs, this category shows the number of emails currently being evaluated by Rotabull. These emails have been received but have not yet been categorized as RFQ or Non-RFQ.
  • RFQs Added: The number of emails (within the last 30 days) that Rotabull has added as an RFQ.
  • Discarded: The number of emails (within the last 30 days) that Rotabull did not add as an RFQ. An email will be discarded if it's determined to be not an RFQ or if it can't be read.

In the Recent Emails section of the panel, you'll see basic information for each email. Scroll down to view more emails. The Action column on the right side has two options, depending on how the email was processed:

  • RFQ Added: The View button will display the original email alongside the RFQ that was added into Rotabull.
  • Non-RFQ: If Rotabull determined the email was not an RFQ, you'll see the Edit button. The Edit button will display the original email alongside a form to manually add an RFQ into Rotabull, if you choose to do so.