QuickBooks Online


Who can enable this feature?

While this feature is available to all users, only an admin can enable it.


Check your QuickBooks version

Rotabull supports the following versions of QuickBooks Online:

  • QuickBooks Online: Simple Start, Essentials, Plus, Advanced plans
  • QuickBooks Enterprise: Online version

QuickBooks Desktop versions (e.g., Pro, Premier, Enterprise 21.0) are not supported today.

How it works

The Rotabull - QuickBooks Online integration lets you:

  • Seamlessly create QuickBooks Online invoices when an invoice is created in Rotabull
  • Mark invoices paid in QuickBooks Online as soon as your Rotabull invoice is paid
  • Request advances on eligible Quickbooks Online invoices using Rotabull Financial

How to connect

In integration settings, click on QuickBooks Online and then Connect to QuickBooks. When prompted, click "Connect" to allow Rotabull to connect to QuickBooks.


Once connected, try creating an invoice in Rotabull. You will see the sync status for each invoice on the left-hand side, e.g., Synced as 1011.