Sending invoices and processing payments


Enable payments first

Before creating your first invoice, enable invoicing and payments with this guide.

Rotabull offers 2 options for processing payments:

  1. Create and send a payable invoice (with this option, the buyer enters payment info)
  2. Process a payment directly (with this option, the seller enters payment info)

How to create and send an invoice

Invoices can be created and sent from Rotabull in minutes. Using this option, you avoid sending a credit card authorization form or having to collect sensitive payment information over phone / email. This speeds up the sale process, and reduces your risk from holding sensitive data.

  1. Open a sent quote.
  2. Click on "Payment" and select "Prepare invoice".
  3. Fill out the invoice (Rotabull will do most of the work for you).
  4. Click "Send Invoice".
  5. Rotabull will send the invoice to the email you provided (step 3).
  6. When the invoice is paid, you'll be notified and will see the deal moved to "Paid".

How to process a payment directly

In some cases, you may already have the buyer's payment information on file. If this is the case, you can easily process a payment directly within Rotabull.

  1. Open a sent quote.
  2. Click on "Payment" and select "Process payment".
  3. Fill out the form (Rotabull will do most of the work for you).
  4. Click "Process Payment".
  5. Next, you'll see the credit card transaction page, where you'll need to provide the payment details.
  6. You'll see immediately if the payment was successful and the deal will be moved to "Paid".

How to share the invoice and receipt link

It can be useful to generate a secure invoice link, e.g,. if you want to send the link to the buyer. You can also generate shareable links for receipts.

  1. Go to the invoice you'd like to share in either your "Paid" or "Invoice sent" inboxes.
  2. Click on "More" in the sidebar and select "copy link".
  3. Share the link with anyone you'd like.