Pentagon 2000

Rotabull integrates with Pentagon 2000. See below for setup instructions.


Check your Windows version

Rotabull supports the following versions of Windows on the machine where you are installing the Rotabull Windows Service (a + symbol represents the minimum version):

  • Windows Server: 2008 R2 SP1 + (x64, x86 architectures)
  • Windows Client: 7 SP1 +, 8.1 (x64, x86 architectures)
  • Windows 10 Client: Version 1607 + (x64, x86 architectures)

Installing the Rotabull Windows Service (RWS)

  1. Use an administrator account on the machine the Rotabull Windows Service will be
    installed on (either the Pentagon server or a machine with persistent access to it).

  2. Download the installation package at:

  3. Open the archive and run the .msi file to install the deployment system ("Octopus"). When the installer window comes up, close out of it. The purpose of the installer window is to configure Octopus, which we do via a script in the next step instead.

  4. Run rotabullDeployment.bat in the same archive as an administrator to configure
    Octopus to point to Rotabull servers.

  5. Send a message to the Rotabull team that the steps have been completed. Please include the following information as well:

  • The local name of the computer the service was installed on
  • The Company DB information (this can be found in My Pentagon > My Settings > Check DB Connection)


Next steps

It may take several hours (and up to a day) for Rotabull to complete the Pentagon setup after you have finished step 5, and begin to see inventory in Rotabull.

Firewall Settings

If your organization has firewall settings in place, permissions for outbound requests to the following Hosts and Ports will be required:


Rotabull to Pentagon Configuration

With the vast amount of configuration options available for Pentagon, there are several required and some optional parameters that Rotabull requires to correctly setup the integration. Below you will find a table listing those options.

Master Company Id*11Yes
Default Division for Master Company*SalesNo
Quote Valid For Days3030Yes
Exchange Line Type1802Yes
Overhaul Line Type1703Yes
Default Inco TermsEXWNo
Quote Trace Info Reference FieldREF2No
Quote Tag Info Reference FieldREF3No
Quote Tag Date Reference FieldREF5No
Stock Trace Info Reference FieldUSER_REF1No
Stock Tag Info Reference FieldUSER_REF2No
Stock Tag Date Reference FieldREF2No
Stock Tag Type Reference FieldREF4No
Add Core Charge To ExchangeFalseYes
Add Core Charge To OverhaulTrueYes
Core Charge Line Type05Yes
Add Repair Charge To OverhaulTrueYes
Repair Charge Line Type15Yes
Bench Check Line Type02Yes
Default Condition Code Part Request__NSYes
Default Condition Code MRO__OHYes
RFQ Source Id Reference FieldREF1Yes
Priority MapSee table belowYes

Rotabull - Pentagon Priority Map

Rotabull PriorityPentagon Priority
InventoryUSR (edited)

These options are the basic, default configuration for Pentagon.

Confirming Pentagon is connected

You can check that the integration is fully connected correctly, with two steps:

  1. Go to your listings in Rotabull and confirm your stock has synced.
  2. Once your sales team begins sending quotes, confirm that the quotes are being entered into Pentagon.

What’s Next

All set up with Pentagon? Jump in with the "Quickstart" guide.