Going one step further than Smart Quote, Rotabull’s Autoquote can send quotes based on your previous quotes or price lines, without any manual action from users. Autoquote is an easy way to speed up the early stages of a sale, and spend more time with prospects that engage and are interested in purchasing!

You can set limits around what types of parts should be Autoquoted through Rotabull.


Admin-only feature

This rule can only be created by an admin.

You can add an autoquote rule for parts with that have been quoted in the past or use your price lines. Price lines in your Rotabull account are intended for use with Autoquoting. It is separate dataset from the standard listings inventory and all price lines require a price.

Create Autoquote Rule

Note that only two autoquote rules can be set per Rotabull account- one for parts sales and one for repairs.

Autoquote Rule Settings

  • Select Parts to Autoquote: You can choose to Autoquote based on past quotes sent, your price lines, or both. If you choose both, the option you set for #1 will take priority when that data is available for autoquoting.
  • Set reply-to email: This will be the reply-to email on any Autoquotes sent. By default, it is set to your Rotabull user account email but can be changed to any email address.
  • Autoquote historical days: Configure how far back in the past Rotabull will check for quote data to inform Autoquote (maximum 365 days).
  • Do not Autoquote $0: When enabled, only past data with prices other than $0 will be used to send an autoquote. This setting just ensures that if your account did have a past quote or price line with a price of $0, it will be ignored in the auto quoting process.
  • Quote Quantity: The options here determine when Autoquotes will be sent based on your stock- you can choose to send Autoquotes only when you have sufficient stock for the request, or Autoquote regardless of current stock. You can also choose to Autoquote only the quantity you have in stock (even if it’s less than requested), or the maximum number of parts in stock.
  • Autofill advanced fields: When enabled, Rotabull will autofill all line item fields using the information you provided in the last quote for a part/repair including including notes and attachments, but excluding quantity. Quantity will be quoted based on the Quote Quantity setting above.
  • Empty lead time display value: Set a display value that will be shown when the lead time for a part from past quote data is empty. This can be a default lead time or a message, etc.
  • Set an Autoquote note: This (optional) note will be included at the top of all auto quotes that are sent.
  • Do not quote: These two fields allow you to set some price limits on what will be Autoquoted. You can set an upper limit on total quote value and unit price.
  • Exclude the following parts: Click this button to create an exclusion list for parts and services. The items you add here will not be included in the Autoquote process, even if they meet the rule parameters. Can be specified by condition.

Review Rule

In this panel (at the bottom of the rule settings page), Rotabull shows the past quote and/or price line data that will be used for Autoquotes based on the current settings for your Autoquote rule. Any changes to the settings above will be reflected in the data here. You can look through this data and search for part numbers to confirm that your rule is working as expected. You can also exclude a part or repair service by clicking “Exclude”, which will automatically add it to the exclusion list.

NOTE: There are some RFQs we won't automatically quote. Those include:

  • SkySelect RFQs
  • RFQs where one or more items can't be Autoquoted (e.g,. for a reason in this list); only RFQs where every line item can be Autoquoted will be answered.

Rotabull will sync the quote to your ERP as long as there is a company match

Set a rule and let Rotabull do the work for you!