Going even one step further than Smart Quote, automatic quoting (autoquoting) is an easy way to speed up the early stages of a sale, and spend more time with prospects that engage and come back with questions!

You can set limits around what types of parts should be autoquoted through Rotabull.


Admin-only feature

This rule can only be created by an admin.

You can add an autoquote rule for parts with that have been quoted in the past or set a manual rule by adding price lines.

Basic Settings

  • Price - Rotabull will look at the requested part and condition code and price it based on what you choose, your options are: last, highest, lowest, or average price from your 90 day quoting history (we look at both your Rotabull and ERP history and deduplicate the quotes).

  • Lead time - Lead time will be set to stock.

  • Advanced fields, notes, and attachments - When on, Rotabull will autofill all line item fields using the information you provided the last time you quoted the part in the matching condition code.

  • Set reply-to email - Rotabull will auto-fill this with the email address of the user you creating the rule, but feel free to enter any valid email.

  • Set the quantity you'd like to quote - Rotabull gives you several options.

Optional Settings

  • Set a maximum unit price: if Rotabull comes across parts that exceed the set value -- we'll leave it in your inbox and let you quote it yourself.
  • Set a maximum quote value: if Rotabull calculates that the quote exceeds this value, we won't autoquote it.

There are some RFQs we won't automatically quote. Those include:

  • Aeroxchange RFQs
  • SkySelect RFQs
  • RFQs where one or more items can't be autoquoted (e.g,. for a reason in this list); only RFQs where every line item can be autoquoted will be answered.

Rotabull will sync the quote to your ERP as long as there is a company match

Set a rule and let Rotabull do the work for you!