What is it?

ePlane, is a marketplace that lets you list inventory and repair capabilities, as well as search for vendors who can supply various parts. Rotabull supports the following integrations with ePlane:

  • Listing: listing available parts
  • RFQs: receiving RFQs from interested buyers into Rotabull
  • Quotes: sending quotes to interested buyers from Rotabull back to ePlane


ePlane is free to use

ePlane is free for sellers to list inventory / repair capabilities, receive RFQs, and send quotes.

Listings Integration

To list your inventory to ePlane through Rotabull, you'll need to provide some information about your ePlane account to Rotabull. Here's how to get started.

  1. Head to Rotabull Settings > Integrations and input your ePlane username and site name.
    a. Your user name should be the special username that is used for your SFTP inventory uploads. This is not necessarily the one you use to log in to ePlane.com. If you do not know what it should be, you can leave it blank.
    b. The site name is the "pickup site" where the inventory is held. This usually corresponds to your warehouse or central office location. You can create a new site in ePlane Settings > Pickup Sites & Repair Shops.
  2. Let Rotabull know you would like to activate the ePlane listings integration. They will provision credentials with ePlane for your account. An ePlane representative may contact you for authorization.

Creating a "pickup site" on eplane.com

RFQs Integration


Sync inventory to minimize RFQs for material you don't carry

Please note that you may still receive RFQs from ePlane even if you are not automatically syncing inventory. This is due to ePlane's tiered RFQ system. Tier 1 RFQs are reserved for vendors listing updated inventory, but Tier 2 and Tier 3 RFQs can be sent to vendors without updated inventory. To minimize RFQs for part numbers you do not carry, we strongly recommend automatically updating your inventory.

To receive ePlane RFQs in Rotabull, Rotabull will provision ePlane API credentials on your behalf. An ePlane representative may contact you for authorization.

Once you enable this integration, you will receive ePlane RFQs in two places: in Rotabull, and in your email. If you would like to disable ePlane's default email RFQs notifications to keep things in one place, you can do so in ePlane Settings > Notification Preferences.


Within ePlane's settings, you can turn off email RFQ notifications if you would like to prevent duplicate notifications.

Quotes Integration

Responses to ePlane RFQs will automatically be sent back through ePlane, with no additional setup in Rotabull.

We recommend that each individual sending ePlane quotes in Rotabull have an account on ePlane.com, created using the same email address as for Rotabull. For example, if you log into Rotabull using [email protected], you should have an ePlane account under [email protected]. This has no additional charge, but is necessary for ePlane to display the contact information of the correct individual who sent the quote. Without a matching account, ePlane will show the Rotabull quote as having come from an "account default" email.


Rotabull quotes appear on the ePlane inquiry timeline view just as if you were answering them on ePlane.com.