Onboarding Checklist

Use this to help keep you on track to set up Rotabull

Linking Rotabull to your ERP system

❏ Install and connect Rotabull to your ERP System (instructions for Quantum or Pentagon 2000). If you have ​no ERP system​ and are uploading manual inventory or have inventory you want to list that's not in your ERP, use the ​template described here.

  • For Pentagon, set up quote insertion template with the Rotabull technical setup team.

Account access and basic setup

❏ Log in to ​Rotabull​ using your username and password, either by following the instructions in your welcome email, or by going directly to ​Rotabull​ and using the First Time User link to create a password.

❏ Under “Teams and Users”, invite your teammates or other users (e.g., Accounting, Inventory Management) who might need access to Rotabull.

❏ Enter your company and individual contact details in the Account Information settings tab.

❏ To brand your quotes and invoices, add your company logo and any disclaimers / terms & conditions in the Quoting settings.

❏ If you’d like to Rotabull on your phone, download our mobile app for iPhone or Android.

Linking with Marketplaces

❏ Connect to your marketplaces by entering your credentials in Integrations. After completing the steps below, let your Customer Success Manager know you would like to activate the marketplaces.

❏ Add listing rules here, or send your listing rules to us. Listing rules determine which parts and capabilities you want to include on the marketplaces, e.g., "I only want to list material with condition code "NE".

Email Settings

❏ Under Email Settings, add a forwarding email (e.g., a general sales email address like sales@my_company.com)​.

❏ To send emails from your company email domain (e.g,. my_email@my_company.com), follow the instructions for whitelabeling your email domain.

Buy Now, Invoicing, and Payments

❏ To use features like "Buy Now", send invoices, or accept credit card payments, go through the 5-minute payments set up.

❏ If supported, link QuickBooks Online or another accounting system to enable invoice sync.

Testing it all out

❏ Test Rotabull out by sending a sample RFQ. There are a few options to do this.

  • Forward an emailed RFQ into Rotabull (via your account's unique inbound email address). You may have to wait a few minutes for it to be picked up.
  • Go to "Deals" and click "Add an RFQ" manually on the left-hand sidebar.

❏ Confirm quotes are being synced correctly to your ERP system. Go to the “Quote” view in the left-hand sidebar under deals. The last column is “Sync”. If there is a green check, that means the quote has been synced to your ERP. Please cross-check and confirm with your ERP.


Quotes synced successfully to your ERP system show a green check.


You're all set to use Rotabull!


Got stuck somewhere?

Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you have any questions.