RFQ Inbox

All available inboxes to a user will appear in the dropdown next to the inbox name. The star filled in denotes the default inbox for the active user.


The inbox can be sorted by Customer name, priority (as decided by the buyer), the date received and the respond by date. You can also search the inbox for a specific part number, customer name, source, or priority.


What's in the RFQ Inbox?

  • You can select all the RFQs on the page by checking the box in the header.

  • Actions that can be done in bulk, or on individual RFQS, are listed on top: mark as unread, ignore, assign and no quote.

  • A colored square with a letter shows the RFQ has been assigned to a Team, while a circle with user initials shows an assignment to an individual.


Video Tutorial: Assigning RFQs

Check out the video below to learn how you can assign RFQs in Rotabull.

What’s Next

Now that you're familiar with the RFQ inbox, let's get you to